A message from our patron Mark McVeigh from the Owen McVeigh Foundation

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Owen McVeigh Foundation 350x418

Our Secretary, Ted Morris, would like to share the following with our members.

Hi Ted,

Thank you for taking the time for coming to Peacock Lodge yesterday and having a good look at the site.

I really appreciated your views from the LDSA point of view and very happy you seen peacock lodge as being fully accessible.

As you know at The Owen McVeigh Foundation we gift a holiday at Peacock Lodge to the children we support who are going through or have gone through cancer treatment in the Merseyside area.

During the time myself and Joanne are patrons of the LDSA, we would like to include the children of the LDSA in our plans as much as we can and where situations allow us to do so.

So if on occasions we have any cancellations for any reason I would possibly be able to offer the children the chance of a free holiday at Peacock Lodge.

May I suggest you get a small go to list in case this opportunity allows us to help anyone from the LDSA, again thank you for all your time and help on the subject and hopefully speak to you very soon.


Mark McVeigh
Owen Mcveigh Foundation

A message from the committee

We are extremely grateful to Mark and Joanne for this amazing gesture to the children of the LDSA.

The Owen McVeigh Foundation as already included our children in a number of events and they have made a huge impression on some of our disabled children and their families.

To be able to offer our children the opportunity to enjoy a family break at the beautiful Peacock Lodge in the south lakes is somewhat overwhelming to us but we are honoured and privileged that Mark and Jo have made this opportunity available to us.

We would like to thank Mark, Joanne and The Owen McVeigh Foundation for this amazing offer.



The Owen McVeigh Foundation uses a strict qualifying procedure for children who stay at the Lodge.

The LDSA must also follow these procedures and our secretary will be contacting the parents of those children who satisfy the requirements of these procedures over the next day or so.

We would ask that all members respect the criteria that is set by the Owen McVeigh Foundation and the only involvement that the LDSA have in this process is as Mark requests in his message, we submit a list of names to be included in a to go list in the event that the foundation receives a cancellation.

The Owen McVeigh Foundation makes such a difference to children's lives in the Merseyside area.

A lot of the work that they do is very much under the radar as they make dreams and wishes come true for children who are in most cases battling cancer or who are in recovery.

They have been extremely, kind, supportive and generous to the LDSA please consider donating to them below and help them to continue to help children who need it most.

Donate to the Owen McVeigh Foundation

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