LDSA Constitution


The LDSA believes that all individuals involved with our work should respect one another and work constructively to achieve our common goals. We therefore ask that all those connected with or acting on behalf of the LDSA take personal responsibility for undertaking the following:

  • To be a positive ambassador for the LDSA, and ensure that you take no purposeful action or make any comment, which might damage the LDSA.
  • To show respect to all and commitment to access and inclusion for all individuals connected to the LDSA, understanding that no form of harassment will be tolerated.
  • To recognise that the LDSA is a democratic organisation, and to abide by decisions made by its elected committee, and to work with others to resolve any conflicts that may arise.
  • To respect and understand the need for confidentiality.
  • To take all reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of yourself, others and property of the LDSA.
  • To be committed and reliable in your role(s) within the LDSA, and not to use your position to pursue personal issues, or policies which conflict with those of the LDSA.
  • To accept the need for reasonable training, guidance and support relating to your role(s) within the LDSA.

This code is a statement of the values that we will uphold in all our dealings and that we will expect others to maintain when working with us.

As members of the LDSA we will endeavour to work with LFC in accordance with the Level Playing Field guidelines.


1.     Name: 

The name of the organisation is the Liverpool Football Club Disabled Supporters Association (from now on referred to as LDSA).

Subject to the matters set out below the LDSA shall be administered and managed in accordance with this constitution by the members of the Committee.

2.     Objectives

2.1    To enable its members to share a common interest in Liverpool Football Club (from now on referred to as LFC) and any matter concerning LDSA members and disabled LFC supporters in general.

2.2    To promote the welfare of LFC supporters and in particular disabled supporters, by the following means: by promoting and encouraging the sharing of information and good practice in relation to disabled people attending football matches and by representing and promoting the views of members to appropriate individuals and bodies to influence in a positive way future developments, awareness and access for disabled people. This should include the following priorities:

a) All supporters must be able to enjoy a parity of experiences when attending a football match or event.

b) LFC staff and officials should have received disability equality training.

c) LFC should maintain the appointment of a dedicated Disability Liaison Officer (DLO).

d) LFC should have a disability policy that details the clubs’ policies, practices and procedures for all aspects of the clubs’ operations.

e) LFC should have fully accessible information services that include web sites, TV channels, and information that is available in alternative formats upon request.

f) A senior member of the management board of LFC to have a responsibility for all disability issues.

g) The club to meet every aspect of Accessible Stadia.

h) The club to meet the ‘Green Guide’ recommendations for numbers of disabled people in every category.


·   Every disabled supporter to have the opportunity to sit alongside own supporters

·   All disabled people to be treated with respect by all members of the club staff and match day stewards.

·   Wheelchair users: unobstructed view of pitch at all times; to have shelter from the weather; all seating areas to be positioned in safe areas.

·   Visually Impaired: the choice to sit anywhere in the ground;

LFC to ensure the provision of a dedicated audio descriptive commentary with suitable equipment; clubs to make provisions for Disabled Aid Dogs and Guide Dogs; information available in alternative formats upon request.

·   Hearing Impaired: the choice to sit anywhere in the ground; a text phone in ticket office; an induction loop in ground.

·   Ambulant disabled: a recognised definition of what constitutes an ambulant disability; accessible seating, with good sight lines and extra legroom.

i) With a view to promoting friendship and awareness, the LDSA will also organise regular social events and sporting activities for its members, friends and families. Such occasions might be used for fund raising.

3.     Membership

3.1    Membership is open to any disabled person or any individual who feels that they may be able to contribute to the objectives of the LDSA and support disabled people.

3.2    Applications for membership will be received and processed by the appointed Membership Secretary. A full list of members will be made available to the full LDSA Management Committee (from now on referred to as the MC). The MC has the right to revoke any LDSA membership if the member does not agree to abide by the principles and rules of the LDSA or is deemed not to be suitable as far as the interests of the LDSA are concerned. The renewal date for new memberships will be 31st August each year.

3.3    Members may be subject to disciplinary action or have their membership terminated if it is deemed that he or she has brought the LDSA into disrepute or that their continued membership is not in the interests of the LDSA. Disciplinary action and any termination of membership will be dealt with by the MC. A member will have the right to be heard, to appeal the decision or to call an EGM (in accordance with 5.8) to challenge any such decision and an independent arbitrator may be called upon to advise in difficult cases.

3.4    The annual membership fee for the LDSA will be determined by the Members voting at the AGM having regard to the recommendation by the appointed Treasurer as to the appropriate fee.

4.     Management Committee

4.1    The MC shall comprise of 12 members including the DLO. MC members will be elected by the LDSA members by postal ballot and where possible include the following office bearers and posts appointed by the MC:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Secretary

The term of office for each MC member will be three years and the Chairperson is appointed for a four-year term. Candidates for the MC shall be proposed and seconded by either ordinary or MC members and elected by a majority vote of the members. In the event of a split vote, the Chair will hold an additional casting vote. Elections will take place in June each year, and the MC will adopt a rolling policy to facilitate the smooth running of the LDSA.  Members of LFC staff will also be invited to attend the MC meetings.

For the LDSA Committee to function effectively, committee members are expected to attend seventy five per cent of committee meetings. Failure to do so could lead to the removal of a person from the committee.  The LDSA Committee requires the above level of commitment from its committee members.  If a committee member decides to resign from the committee without mitigating circumstances or valid reason, this will forfeit their right to apply for a future position on the committee.

Annual elections are to take place to appoint people to the committee positions that are up for re-election each year.

Only LDSA members are permitted to vote and only LDSA members can nominate themselves as candidates for the Committee positions. Elections will be conducted during the pre-season period; LDSA members will receive a form containing a list of candidates via the post, which they will be asked to return with a tick next to their preferred candidate’s name.

Members of the Committee shall retire from office at the end of their three-year term but they may be re-elected or re-appointed. With voting numbers confirmed as a true record by an independent person.

The proceedings of the Committee shall not be invalidated by any vacancy among their number or by any failure to appoint.

The Chairperson shall be carried out by a member of the committee, who is duly elected by members of the committee.  The Chairperson shall sit for a period of not more than four years, from the date of being elected as chair, and at the end of the term, (4yrs) can stand for election as chairperson, if re-elected as a committee member. The current Chairperson or any challengers or potential candidates for the position of Chairperson shall have the right to deliver a written statement and short presentation to back-up their application.

The Vice Chairperson will be elected from within the committee.

There will be tasks that will be identified by the committee.  Once a task has been identified, a member of the committee will be appointed to undertake that task.  The committee member will carry out that task for the duration of their term of office or until the task has been completed.

These tasks will be identified after the annual elections, when the new committee first meets and the tasks will be identified. MC members can apply for a specific task either in written form or verbally.

4.2    The MC shall have the authority to co-opt replacements onto the MC if needs arise before the June elections. This will be by a majority vote of the MC and such co-opted members will have the same voting rights as those elected by LDSA members.

4.3    In the event that less than six members (50%) are available to serve on the MC members may hold more than one post with the exception of the Chairperson. However they will continue to have one vote only.

5.     Meetings & Events                  

5.1    LDSA will hold monthly MC meetings at times and venues to be agreed by those elected and published in advance by the Secretary. There is also scope to call additional meetings when necessary.

5.2    The AGM of the LDSA be held in April/May each year at a date and time to be set by the MC and as part of the twice yearly Forum. The Secretary will set the agenda in conjunction with the Chairperson which will be distributed to members at least 7 days in advance along with a copy of the previous year’s audited account and minutes of the last AGM.

5.3    At the AGM, the Chairperson will ask the members to approve the previous year’s minutes. At the AGM, the Chairperson will ask the members to approve the previous year’s minutes. The Chairperson will also present an annual report to the members summarising the activities for the previous year and proposing the future direction and development of the LDSA. The Chairperson may also produce a periodic newsletter on the LDSA progress as and when it is deemed necessary.

5.4    The Treasurer will present the audited accounts for the previous financial year from 1st September to 31st August at the AGM with a statement from the elected auditor as to whether the accounts were found to be in good order or otherwise.

5.5    The Chairperson will ask the members to approve the audited accounts.

5.6    A decision on any matter arising will be based on members proposals to the meeting which must be seconded with any subsequent vote decided by a simple majority with the exception of items covered be sections 10.1, 11.1 and 11.2.

5.7    At all meetings every member is entitled to one vote with The Chairperson or Acting Chairperson having a casting vote only in the event of the number of votes cast being tied.

5.8    An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time upon a written signed request by at least ten (or 5?) LDSA members and sent to the Secretary stating the nature of the business to be discussed.

6.     Minutes

6.1    The Secretary shall ensure that minutes are kept of every meeting which will be available and distributed as soon as possible after the meeting to all members by mail or email, and an agreed summary sent for publishing on the LFC website by the Secretary. The MC will ensure that accessible formats are available on request and within the limitations of LDSA resources.

6.2    Members may have sight of the accounts or any business transaction carried out by the LDSA upon written request to the Secretary.

7.     Sub-Committees

7.1    The MC may appoint one or more Sub-Committees from members of the LDSA to deal with specific issues concerning the LDSA from time to time. These said Sub-Committees will be directly accountable to the MC and any such decision of such sub-committee shall be subject to ratification by the MC.

8.     Finance

8.1    The Treasurer shall ensure that detailed financial records are kept and that all the LDSA receipts and payments are correctly accounted for. The Chair or Acting Chair and Treasurer will jointly review these records monthly.

8.2    The Treasurer shall ensure that if one or more bank accounts be opened in the name of the LDSA, that 2 signatures including the Treasurer and at least one of the office bearers namely the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson or Secretary shall be required for official banking documents and cheques.

8.3    An updated LDSA statement of accounts should be presented at each MC meeting unless exceptional circumstances dictate otherwise, and the accounts will be available for review by any member upon written request.

8.4    The LDSA annual statement of accounts shall be subject to audit with an auditor annually to be appointed by the MC.

9.     Record Keeping:

9.1    The Secretary and Treasurer will retain all correspondence and in the case of non-financial those records will be kept for a minimum of 3 years with financial documents kept for a minimum of 5 years.

10.   Alteration to the Constitution:

10.1 The Constitution can only be altered by a majority vote of the members at an AGM or EGM. Any alteration will require the approval of a two thirds majority of members present before being implemented.

10.2 An individual member’s proposal to alter the constitution must be seconded and delivered in writing to the Secretary of the LDSA not less than twenty eight days before the date of the AGM. Alternatively an Extraordinary General Meeting may be requested (as described in 5.8) to consider an alteration to the Constitution.

10.3 The MC may propose to alter the constitution providing it has already been approved in principle at a MC meeting not less than twenty eight days before the date of the AGM.

10.4  The wording of any proposed alteration shall be fully distributed to all members at least 7 days in advance of meeting at which it is to be considered.

11.   Dissolution:

11.1 If the MC decides at any time that on the grounds of expense or otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the LDSA, it shall call an EGM of all LDSA members giving not less than twenty eight days notice. Such a decision must be confirmed by a two thirds majority of those voting members present and provided that there is a quorum of at least 10 members.

11.2 Any property or funds belonging to the LDSA will be distributed based on the most appropriate method as decided at the dissolution meeting.

Adopted (revised) by the LDSA members on 6th April 2018

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