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From the off the match was a tough one, with a 4th minute dribble from Oliver McBurnie taking it through to have a direct shot on goal where Adrian made a fantastic save. The two equal sides as it seemed from play in the first ten minutes, had a tough end to end battle with very little coming from Liverpools attacking three.

As the game started to build up it was more apparant that this encouter with Sheffild United was going to be a real tough outing with Liverpool hoping to keep their unbeaten consecutive winning start. Callum Robinson brought the next close chance for Sheffield United, putting his shot just wide of the post.

Liverpools first real chance fell, literally to Sadio mane with a wonderful over the top ball from defence but Sadio slices it to create a new home for the ball in the rafters. Another chance was nearly had by Sheffield Uniteds Callum Robinson after producing a steaming header which went wide of the bar.

Liverpool started to retain possestion with play leading to a fantastic oppurtunity for Sadio Mane to again take the lead, with a connection upon to the post and back into play to be cleared out for a corner. Another corner was had from an attempt to cross the ball from Trent but the defence cleared for an unawarding corner before the blow of the whistle for the end of the first half.


With an interesting first half of end to end football I anticipate their to have been a few words in the dressing room, with both sides having chances to take them in to a leading position.


The second half got to a vibrant start once again for Sheffield United with them taking the first shot of the second half, with the chance being cleared by Liverpools defence. which brought us through to the 52nd minute where Henderson picked up a knock, bringing on the physio.

The games intensity started to build from the Liverpool fans as this was the first real struggle Liverpool seamed to have faced. Back and forth the game went on with Sheffield United playing like a very well organized unit. With the 60th minute a first substitute was used by Sheffield United, with Lys Mousset coming on for Callum Robinson.

Followed by Jurgens reds bringing off our Captain Henderson for a run out for Divock Origi, hopefully he hasn't picked up an injury. An oppurtunity fell for Sheffield United when a laid up shot from Oliver Norwood was saved for a corner form our worlds best #2.

John Fleck give Sheffield United their next chance with his attempt blocked by the defence. A few minutes later, on the 70th minute, Georginio Wijnaldum hit a cracking steamboat of a shot from outside the penelty area, which landed lovely in the back of the net after a howling mistake from Sheffield Uniteds keeper Henderson.

Sadio Mane had another attemp but unfortunately, it wasn't either effective or precise. It seemed Sadio was not having the best game for finishing. Another substitution for Sheffield United seeing Leon Clarke come on for Norwood brought the feeling Sheffield United was starting to show signs of fatigue from their fantastic performance against the league leaders.

Mo and Sheffields Oliver McBurnie created corners for their teams consecutively, with Salah's shot being tipped wide and McBurnie's cross being cleared behind. The game started to fire up with plays from both sides leading to a shot from Leon Clarke, which sailed over the bar.

A final substitution from the reds saw a very disheartened Sadio Mane replaced by Alex Oxlade-Chaimberlain, only for the whistle to be blown a minute later allowing Liverpool to secure their unbeaten perfect start to the season.



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