The home of the only combined LDSA, LFC, LFC Foundation and others calendar of events that maybe of interest to LDSA members.

Each event, when clicked upon, will open in a new page to reveal more details and if appropriate a map too. Whilst we endeavour to maintain a high level of accuracy on the information contained here we always suggest you check with the organiser before attending an event. Events are posted as soon as published for LDSA events, approximately 1 month in advance for any LFC or LFC Foundation events.

Kicks Inclusion – Open Disability Football Session – Ages 5-8

Anfield Sports and Community Centre Lower Breck Road, Liverpool

Open disability football is suitable for children who could have a range of various disabilities that can include physical and neurological impairments as well as learning disabilities  / difficulties. Click here for the LFC Foundation website where there are more…

Kicks Inclusion – Physical Impairment & Ambulant Football Session – Age 8+

Anfield Sports and Community Centre Lower Breck Road, Liverpool

The term 'ambulant disabled' refers to people with a wide range of disabilities  who are not regular wheelchair users. This could include, for eg. people who have diabetes, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or more. This session is suited for people aged…